Pastor's Welcome

Advent Lutheran Church is one of 600 congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Lutherans share a common faith with other Christians, rooted in God's self-revelation in the divine humanity of Jesus Christ.

The congregation of Advent gathers from all corners of the earth, reflecting a wide variety of ethnic heritages, cultural backgrounds and personal aspirations. Together we celebrate the good news of God's love for all people, and nurture our spiritual growth in our Holy Communion of worship, learning and serving.

If you are wondering about your personal place, unique purpose and human potential within God's eternal plan and promise of salvation, the people of Advent welcome you to share our companionship of faith.

Pastor Peter Lisinski
(Rev. Peter Lisinski was our pastor from 2011 to 2016)
Pray before sermon

Our Worship
The preparation for our liturgy begins with Confession and Forgiveness. Through this weekly self-reflection we work at becoming better people.
A number of Bible readings and a sermon forms the first major part of our worship. After the sermon we offer our prayers for the world and the church, for the poor and the lonely, and for the sick and dying.
The worship continues with the shared greeting: "Peace be with you." In this greeting we take up the work of binding diverse nations and cultures into one community of hope. In the Peace we share not only a warm greeting, but also reconciliation and forgiveness.
After the Peace, Eucharist or Holy Communion unfolds every Sunday morning. Through it, we pray that God will bind the scattered people back into one. This shared meal reminds us who we are. It strengthens us and renews us for the coming week.
Now we are ready to go into the world - our homes and our work places - to be people who make a positive difference, no matter how small, in the lives of others.

Hearing The Words
With Whole Heart

Holy Communion:
Serving those too infirm to come up to the altar.

Eucharist or Holy Communion is a very important part in our liturgy. This holy sacrament is not merely a memorial ritual of the saving deeds Christ done for us on the Cross. For us, it contains profound spiritual meaning as well: By breaking bread together we are reminded that we are from the same one body, Christ; and by sharing the wine together we are reminded that we are cleaned and redeemed by the precious blood Christ shed for us.
In our liturgy, Eucharist is preluded by Great Thanksgiving, a short responsive prayer in which the leader calls upon the congregation to lift up our hearts and offer thanks and praises to God.
Pastor at Service
We invite all those who are baptized to commune at our table. If you are not baptized, you are invited to come to the table and receive a blessing.

Holy Baptism and Confirmation
Baptism is a saving work of God, mandated and instituted by Jesus Christ. Through the water we are baptized in, we are making "the pledge of a clear conscience toward God", and therefore, are reborn and sanctified by the Holy Spirit.
Baptisms are celebrated at various times during the year at Advent. Confirmation is celebrated each year on Pentecost. Classes begin in October. Please contact the church Office (416-493-1435) for detail information.

Confirmation on Pentecost

A Special Welcome...
Children are always welcome in worship. We have cloth worship bags with crayons and colouring materials. Ask the ushers at the entrance to the sanctuary they will get one for you - pew seats make great colouring tables.
If you and your children need some quiet time, there is a nursery at the back of the sanctuary.