All The Colors of Christmas

Friends and Colleagues, 

We are pleased to share a very special project with you today, that we hope will be useful to you as we enter into these final days of Advent and prepare for the season of Christmas. 

All The Colors of Christmas is a book that my assistants and I have enjoyed reading and sharing with those we love over these past few weeks. At a time when so very much is unfamiliar to us, this book reminds us of the unchanging promise that comes to us anew each Christmas. 

We have so enjoyed this book, that we reached out to the publisher who has granted us permission to record a reading of this story and reproduce it’s artwork for use in mediated worship across the Eastern Synod and ELCIC.  All The Colors of Christmas
Read by Bishop Michael and the Assistants to the Bishop
(with help from the Morrow-Wolfe & Snook kiddos) This video is now available on our YouTube Channel, across our Social Media platforms, and will be available to download through the BOX Resource Library for Worship Leaders. (Learn more about BOX)

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