COVID-19 Vaccination

Good afternoon Advent family.This information came to me today from NYGH.PeacePastor ElainePre-Registering Priority Populations for COVID-19 Vaccination On Sunday, February 28, the City of Toronto announced plans to move forward with vaccinating seniors aged 80 and over. As part of the City of Toronto vaccine implementation, North York General and North York Toronto Health Partners are now pre-registering eligible priority groups in the North York area following Phase 1 of the provincial vaccination plan. Those who meet the priority group criteria can pre-register online and a phone line will also be available in the coming days to allow those over 80 to pre-register by phone or to get with the vaccination process. The North York pre-registration phone number will be provided as soon as it is available.  We will also be starting to vaccinate inpatients who are 80 years and older today and, together with the NYTHP, will have a mobile clinic to vaccinate people in local homeless shelters in starting later this week.  

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